Traffic Stop-Process

Done Virtual

The New Era of Virtual Communication between the people and government

What is Check?

Check is an app that takes the traffic stop process virtual, by utilizing video chat to facilitate a safer interaction between law enforcement and motorist during a traffic stop. 

A One Stop Digital System

If the motorist happens to receive a citation, don't worry, Check helps you resolve it at the tip of your fingers, so you don't even have to go to court.


makes it easy and simple for a violator to resolve a traffic citation. Check packages up any necessary documents and send it electronically to the court. Saving the violator time, money and provides ease of mind. 

Bridging the Gap of Communication

  • Video traffic stop 
  • Resolve citation electronically

Violations Check Resolve 

  • Speeding Tickets 
  • No Insurance
  • Expired Registration
  • Invalid Drivers License

Ease of mind with Check

  • We package the necessary documents and send them directly to the courts.

  • Stop stressing. We got you.

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