Modernizing traffic stops

Check is an app that streamlines the traffic stop process.

We've developed an app for both law enforcement and motorist to initiate safer interactions during a traffic stop. By allowing a video conversation initiated by the officer occurring the safety of both parties vehicles.


Law Enforcement

There's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. As a matter fact, traffic stops are one of the leading causes of death for law enforcement.


Since 2012 over 55,000 motorists have been killed or injured during a traffic stop.


Courts lose an estimated $2.3 Billion in revenue from unpaid citations, which affects those that have to choose between missing work or going into court to handle a ticket.


Law Enforcement Officers conducting a traffic stop initiates a video call to the citizen who is being stopped. Both parties can communicate from the safety of their own vehicles.  Thus, reducing the risk, and increasing safety for both parties involved.



Our ultimate solution is to provide a clear channel of communication between law enforcement and citizens via a real-time video chat feature.




Check streamlines the citation process to effectively process and handle tickets payments all on our secure digital platform.




On the judicial end, Check allows court officials the ability to connect to defendants via video chat. Allowing them to execute their daily job functions efficiently, and conveniently.


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