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Interview on Entrepreneur Hour

Check – founded by Michael Odiari. The Dallas-based startup is modernizing traffic stops, with a vision of using video communication in various areas allowing government and communities to interact effectively. 

He came up with the platform after he was pulled over for having a missing front license plate and found himself in a very scary and unfortunate position. Through our conversation you can see and understand his passion for Check, "I thought I was building a startup, but in the midst of the journey I realized that the startup was building me", Odiari said.

Through our conversation Odiari relates the importance of learning from the experiences the journey has, which he uses in making himself better to achieve Check's goal, of saving a life and impacting people. 

For founders, or anyone who is taking a journey this interview tells the commitment, overcoming fear, and the process the journey has. As Odiari put it, "I'm just the messenger". When you listen to our conversation I hope you too, get as much out of it and find value that you can incorporate in your daily journey. 

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